Bob was a life saver for us. We asked him to step in when a previous realtor wasn’t responding to our needs. We live out-of-state and had very limited time to come to Columbus and view homes. With only 3 days notice, Bob gave us his undivided attention for an entire weekend. We were able to see many homes, and found exactly what we were looking for. Bob was very attentive through the whole process, making sure everyone was on track. It all worked out wonderfully, and now we have a beautiful new home.
HR, Life Savor

Bob sold my place for me in a tough economic environment in just three months. I lived in another state so was unable to assist. He kept me calm with a buyer that wanted something for nothing. I was prepared to walk, but we got the deal done at a fair price.

We ‘shopped’ for a home, off and on for over two years; Bob was very patient in helping us. When we found the right home, it was about to become a short sale and the sellers were quite nervous. Bob continued to offer solid counsel during the 4 month process as two banks ‘approved’ the sale. Bob was instrumental in holding things together at key dates and times – without him the deal likely would not have closed.

I would use Bob Clawson as a realtor again, both to sell and to buy a home. He did more for us than the previous two realtors we used. In addition to the standard things realtors do, this list shows some of the things that Bob did to set himself apart from the others: -Did extensive research of home sales in the neighborhood back 6 months. -Guided us through when things needed to be done (e.g. home inspections, etc.) and was present during those things. -Set up all visits, both when we were buying and selling. -Interacted with all the realtors, again both when we bought and sold. -Worked with the loan agent to be sure everything was on track, and did so with the title company, too. -Helped during the negotiation process by providing extensive insight into the market, other homes bought / sold, etc. These are things you expect from a realtor, but Bob actually came through and then went above and beyond. I was in Europe for part of our loan process and he helped get things done while I was out of town. The e-signature web based application his company uses works seamlessly. He took many trips to our Marysville home to make sure things were set up there, check on the place, etc. Bob really knew what he was doing and really delivered more than what others in his profession typically do. I say that because other realtors we’ve used stopped short of quite a few things listed above. Bob took the extra time to do things thoroughly. I really was impressed. If he works this hard for all his clients, and I’m sure he does, I don’t know how he does it and maintain work life balance. He often corresponded or had conversation with other realtors on our behalf late at night. And you know what? It didn’t matter if we were buying the house we bought at $400 K or selling the house we sold at $135 K. He worked equally as hard.

Bob was a pleasure to work with and we have recommended him to other friends and family.


Bob helped us find a great house and always available to answer our questions!!!!

Bob’s knowledge and energy is a great asset. He takes the time to listen and clearly communicates with you.

Bob is very awesome knowledge of local area. I appreciate all his help to find home in Dublin.

Awesome Agent! Mr Bob Clawson answers your emails and questions and he is very detail oriented, he asked the necessary questions to set your search in an appropriate way. He carefully considers all your options. I’m very grateful for all his help. You will have the best agent ever

Bob Clawson was our realtor last year for the sale of our home, and the purchase of another. When we met with Bob to list our house, we were surprised that his suggested listing price was actually above what we thought could list for. We were glad we listed at that amount as we had numerous showings and were in contract within two weeks of listing. In regards to looking for a house, Bob new the area very well and was always available to look at a house with very short notice as he knew the homes we were looking at would not stay on the market very long. Luckily for us, we found a house we loved the weekend we went into contract on our house so it all worked out. Overall, Bob was very attentive and responsive to our needs and was very patient with us throughout the entire process. We had very challenging buyers, and realtor, for the sale of our house and Bob handled the situation very well. We have already recommended Bob to another friend looking for a realtor and will do so again if asked.

To put it simply, Bob is amazing. I had had my home on the market for a year with a different agent, and when I had no movement on it I decided to change paths. I was at a place in my life, after a bad divorce, that I was no longer able to afford the house and I couldn’t sit with it on the market any longer. Bob became the agent in charge of my short sale and was fantastic. His knowledge of the process was amazing and we had one of the most difficult banks to deal with. He was unwilling to give up and simply would not take no for an answer. You always hope and wish that someone will be an advocate for you, will take the extra step to get things done and actually care about the outcome. Bob is all of these things, and it is because of him that I was able to sell my home and be free from this burden and the negative memories that accompanied it. I really appreciate Bob’s work and the fact that he was so easy to get a hold of. He returned phone calls and followed through on commitments. I am very thankful for Bob and his work, he was recommended to me by my very best friend and I know that she would have the same kind words to say!

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We understand that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience. We understand that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience.

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