Home improvement projects that don’t add value to your home

Whether you want to sell your home quickly or add value to it for later on, you are probably thinking about starting a home improvement project or two. Maybe you want to renovate the kitchen, change lighting fixtures, or even do something huge like add an extension. Those are all great home improvement projects, and they will improve your home, but will they be worth it? Will this huge investment actually increase the value of your home and enable you to sell it faster?

Be sure to do research or talk to an expert before you start making any changes that you think may make your property more valuable. Luckily, we are also here to help. We will share with you some home improvement projects that don’t add value to your home, no matter how much you try and invest. So, keep on reading to know what to avoid.

High-end Upgrades 

Many homeowners think that adding high-end upgrades will massively increase the value of their homes. However, that is not necessarily true. Even if you invest in the most expensive kitchen appliances, wood floors, marble countertops, and imported tiles, the price will stay pretty much the same. Why? Because the buyers may not know or understand the costs that went into a particular renovation. What is more, they might even be shocked if they knew the price.

Moreover, if somebody did want high-end upgrades, they would want to choose them for themselves according to their own style, not yours. So, if you thought about upgrading the kitchen, or the bathroom, or some other room with high-end upgrades, better change your mind. This is one of the home improvement projects that will do you more damage than good.

Make the changes that count. For example, put everything in the right place and stage the home properly before selling it.

Although a new luxury kitchen looks amazing, new owners may not like it.

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Invisible Improvements 

Among the home improvement projects that don’t add value to your home are the invisible ones. These include improvements made on plumbing, electricity, HVAC units, etc. Buyers already expect that those are in good condition. So even if you paid a large sum of money for upgrading them, you will not get your money’s worth.

If, however, some of those invisible features are in bad condition, you should invest in those projects for maintenance and safety reasons. Do not go all out and spend your entire budget on top-notch pipes and wires. Instead, call a contractor and get some advice on affordable but safe ways for dealing with invisible projects. Those same contractors can also offer you some great advice and guidance for remodeling your home the right way.

If you want your house to sell for more, do not focus on the invisible parts of it.

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Swimming Pools 

Many people believe that swimming pools are likely to increase the value of a property and help sell it faster because they are associated with luxury. But, not anymore. Nowadays, when people think about pools, they do not envision relaxing and enjoying themselves. They envision spending a lot of their time, money, and energy on the upkeep pools require.

Moreover, some buyers do not want a pool in their yards. That can be because they have small children, elderly parents, or pets moving in with them. For those people, a swimming pool is a deal-breaker. So, do not spend thousands of dollars on such an investment as you never know who your potential buyers might be.

Some homebuyers may not like the idea of having a pool in their yard, so do not invest in it.

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When you are moving into a new home, some things need to be completed before you settle down. The new homeowners will have to renovate and redecorate according to their tastes and needs. This is why funneling a lot of money into landscaping is also among those home improvement projects that don’t add value to your home.

Landscaping is on nobody’s priority list. Moreover, it is wholly dependent on someone’s taste and how much they want to bother with its maintenance. Similarly to swimming pools, some people do not like the idea of having to mow the lawn all the time and to water the plants.

Thus, no matter how much you want to decorate your yard with fancy landscaping, do not. Instead, keep it simple and do small things that will add to your home’s curb appeal. For example, you could clean the yard thoroughly, plants some low maintenance flowers, bushes, and trees, and add some garden furniture. By doing this, you will save your money and create a yard that all those homebuyers will appreciate.

Keep your landscaping simple and neat.

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Building an Extension 

The last on our list of all the home improvement projects that don’t add value to your home is building an extension. When you calculate all the money you will lose on getting the building permission, hiring a contractor and workers, paying for the construction materials, etc. you will soon realize that this project is not worth it.

If you do have some money and want to invest in your home so that it could sell faster and for a better price, consider renovating your attic or basement. Turn those areas into useful rooms like a laundry room, a home office, a playroom, or something similar. That kind of project will be much easier on your wallet and, at the same time, it will earn you more money later on.